EMC Labs Inc. Strives to Provide the Most Accurate, Legally Defensible Environmental Analyses to Our Clients

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Our Company

Since 1989, EMC Labs Inc. (formerly Environmental Management Consultants, Inc.) in Phoenix, Arizona, has provided environmental analytical services to a wide variety of clients throughout North America, Central America, Japan, and Guam as well as other locations. Put more than 150 years' combined expertise to work for you by contacting us today.

An Experienced Staff
Our staff is the key to our company's success. The hard work and dedication of every employee is one of the main reasons that we provide the most accurate and cost-effective analytical results to our valued clients.

Exceptional Customer Care
Every client is treated with courtesy and respect. Our clients have submitted samples from a wide variety of locations, allowing us to perform extensive analyses for the United States Postal Service, NASA, various branches of the United States Armed Forces, the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), many school districts throughout the US, and many other colleges and universities.

EMC Labs Inc. maintains the highest quality insurance coverage, using an A+ XVII rated domestic carrier, with $2,000,000 Error & Omissions
Liability coverage.

What We Do
EMC Labs Inc. has an extensive QA/QC program for the laboratory that meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements. All work performed is reviewed for accuracy, quality, validity, and method of performance. In the laboratory, samples undergo quality control procedures that exceed AIHA and NVLAP (Lab Code 101926-0) guidelines. In addition, EMC Labs Inc. incorporates into our existing QA/QC program the particular needs of our clients. QC manuals are available for inspection upon request.

National Recognitions
We have been a participant in the AIHA/PAT and NIST/NVLAP (Lab Code 101926-0) proficiency testing programs since 1989 and are now participating in the AIHA EMPAT program. Our quality control programs have received accolades from accreditation agencies.

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