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Mold, Lead (Pb), and Asbestos Analysis in Phoenix, Arizona

EMC Labs Inc. in Phoenix, Arizona, is dedicated to providing legally defensible, precise sample analyses in a timely and cost-effective manner. We are one of the largest, single location asbestos testing laboratories in the nation, analyzing thousands of samples on a monthly basis.

Our dedicated staff of analysts and support personnel is on call 24-hours-a-day and frequently on weekends, as dictated by the needs of our clients. The highly experienced analytical team is  lead by Kurt Kettler, President and Laboratory Director.  Mr. Kettler is a former elected member of the American Industrial Hygiene Assocation Asbestos Analysis Committee.

Chemical, Lead Testing in Phoenix, AZ
Laboratory Services:
Asbestos • Airborne Fiber Content-
  Phase Contrast Microscopy
• Bulk Polarized Light
  Microscopy (PLM)
• Bulk PLM by Point Counting

• Bulk PLM Gravimetric Analysis

Environmental Lead (Pb) by Flame Atomic Absorption

• Paint Chips Milligrams per
  Centimeter Squared
• Paint Chips Percent by Weight • Paint Chips Parts per Million • Dust Wipes

• Soil & Air

Mold Fungal Spore Identification

• Spore Trap Counts (Air-O-Cell,
  Micro 5, Cyclex-D)
• Tape Lift Bulk Identification • Swab Samples • Impactor Cassette Counts

• Wall-Checks


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